Afro featuring Cii La'Cole

by Mother Nature

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Afro is the first single off of the Mother Nature EP, scheduled to be released later this season.



Let me play in yo afro like I’m ya #1 pick
you can lay in my lap yo I’ll lasso yo asz quick
Let me play in yo afro like I’m ya #1 pick
I’m tangling all in yo naps
so I’ll nap here a lil bit

Let me play in yo afro
Like i'm yo number one Pick
U can lay in lap yo ill lasso yo ass quick
This feelin here is so natural i grab hold wit my fist
Love to hear yo laugh so i crack jokes n shit
I'm tangled all in yo naps so i'll nap here a lil bit
If Martin luther never had a dream i prolly wouldn't exist
My mama white my daddy black thats a problematic ass mix
So my mind roam but my mind strong
Cross milestones when i whip

And I ain’t even gon sleep, I jus want a lil peace
no slick shyt, but I can add a lil grease
So revolutionary so watch out for police
cuz I beat that box til it’s 3rd degree (Excuse me)
But all dem curls like Poseidon’s pearls, can I surf the waves?
We can get lost for days all through dem braids
even a clean shave will make me misbehave
That asymmetric w/ all dem textures
stay fly in any weather
bet you got shea butter on yo dresser
U a Queen baby of the highest treasure
I would love to bless ya w/ a headshot
after you twist my dreadlocks
put on wateva music that u like
from Punk rock to HipHop (& let’s vibe)

Can I run my fingers through yo hair, I wanna play
I love the way you twist me up, you so creative
Lock me down, I dread the day you go away
Mango, coconut & lime, my favorite fragrance

Yo, Girl, how you do dat (4x)
I weave in & I weave out & dats it (2x)


released September 16, 2015
Produced by F.W.Y.T.A.I
Engineered by Larry Gates
Mixed & Additional Production by Rokmore of TheGr8Thinkaz
Supporting Vocals from Cii La'Cole
Lyrics written by Tierney "T.R.U.T.H" Reed and Shasta "Klevah" Knox



all rights reserved


Mother Nature Champaign, Illinois

A high-energy, thought-provoking, mantra-creating, truth-telling, klevah lyricism-producing, Black Girl Genuis HipHop duo comprised of KLEVAH & T.R.U.T.H #WatDatThirdEyeDo
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