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Nature's World

by Mother Nature and Renzell

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Don't Worry 03:16
Klevah: Sittin pretty love my tig ‘ol bitties told him pet the kitty til it Purrr He don’t listen make him pay attention paint a picture he ain’t said a word Real niggaz know it’s different when they got a Deity so keep it thourough & I got hella bitches They ain’t neva jealous See the vision then we get to work It’s been a hell of a year I been to heaven and back Ain’t too competitive there I think it’s all a distraction I think it’s art to this rap shit Might be da rapture Time just move faster I just get closer to God like I’m ‘sposed to, Lookin at you like where are you I see myself and I’m hopeful, coach you Creating culture Mother Nature ain’t been nothing to fuck with Give you taste, that’s just an introduction, Imma give you space, that’s just interruption How long it take? Gimme a break to function…yea We done raised the stakes & we prepared the luncheon Plant-based shorty always on my conscious Gotta lay hands on me everytime I prosper Hair laid now, got the curls to locks up And my damn bank account, can’t expose the amount But I went across the world and I’m still on the block wit, this shit here don’t fear imposter I’m thinkin you thinkin, we expand the options I cannot wait , yea the world need me today He don’t just do what I say I need a second to play I’m need some seconds 2 plate. Hook: Dis that type of shyt that make yo asz drop Bish don’t worry bout it 2x Dis that type of shyt that you cant Handoff TRUTH: Callin me toxic, but I ain’t that tainted Jus needed some patience Send my condolences w/ flower arrangements Pullin my petals just end it w/ Love She jus wanna fuck, I ain’t got the time I’m focus on flourishing Finally flowing, left follows behind I got it now Big steppa, Size 9 on yo timeline Stock rise, gotta itemize Don’t hold space for no idle time Fuck is niggas talkin Tryna give me less that’s insulting Cash to the bank & hit deposit Past to the now, days Fresh Nostalgia I kno which freak wanna ride this tempo Smoke good leaf out the window GSO shyt what I live for 8z in ya face for the kinkolk Minimizing, enterprising Kill the monsters or get Betty crocker’d Building bridges nigga fuck yo options Faded conscious, we be diggin constant
Klevah: He said he wanna take me to a higher plane Where I ain’t gotta look up to da sky again Everything I need in my environment Yea I’m seeing things this ain’t no Lion's Mane (Hol’ up Hol’ up) A rainbow wit a pot of gold Reminded me my angle changes how it glow Embrace it all and taste it all before we go It’s for the soul Once we open the door it was a portal fasho Match my halo Hook: I ain’t trippin If u ain’t trippin We can do this all the time Do you remember What I remember We can keep it all aligned My Elixir The perfect kisser I can’t wait to see you smile I ain’t trippin If u ain’t trippin We can do this all the time TRUTH: Dip into yo atmosphere & kiss the sun Trippy one Mystic one Speak in Tongues Everlasting, feelin solar Feelin so lost in these heights that I brought I like this Whirlwind My Life got new beginnings Broke them old mirrors Feelin superstitious Polar opposite, let confidence Take leading role Come be held within the aura Jus to feed the soul Let spirit guide yo next move Don’t need rescue I’m right here to ….open ya mind Ya time is tick tick tick No miss, Relax & follow the signs Made blessed by the master Neva had wings, But I’m floating like Casper A spirit in the flesh, Everything’s possible Raised w/ the monsters We raise up the conscious, The Godsend
Hook: Floating patient Thinking of you Wanna hold u in my Midnight garden TRUTH: I feel alive, I feel away I kno the perfect spot where we can go & play Let’s have some fun & run the whole day …like we used to, like we used to Be a muse & help soothe all that old suffering Yea it’s all or nothing, I ain’t bluffin, keep it coming We supersonic superhumans Suit ya self, laying naked in the field Tryna taste ya flesh Less fabric, let’s get active Captive by yo stature Enamored by the passion Feelin attached but no distraction Thank God No sod, jus the richest soil, A royal flower in my garden But I’m used to poison no Carry you all in my dreams, Waiting by the water, Smokin w/ the trees I can feel the moonlight over me Star seeker, I Neva could fall asleep Hook: Floating Patient Thinking of you Wanna hold u in my Midnight garden Klevah: Party in the garden ‘til the sun come up Comagilate and pollinate I’m feelin the buzz It ain’t gotta be a holiday my niggaz in love It’s like poetree, the way you climbing over me Pullin out the grabba leaf & fillin it up Scrolling through a time machine This really been us Lookin at a star not lookin up Been in touch, with yo zodiac But now I see the dots connect Dust on yo heart get reflected in the art Intersect it like a thought Redirect it like a God Party in the garden ‘Til the sun come up Everything like water Overflowing my cup I get lost in my dreams Waitin in the forest fallin asleep I can feel yo sunlight over me Holding me Pray lord my soul to keep
Travelerz 03:04
Hook: Moments like these turn the air into a breeze Moment like these bring the world to her knees Moments like these turn a sprout into a tree Moments like these turn this love into a seed Klevah: Baby my proudest moments mean nothing without ya the loneliest monk, My timing is only this once So find it, don’t neva give up No pilot, we drove with the trunk Full of the holiest stunts Feelin Napoleon My complexion still golden Takin direction from omens God gave me more than a hunch Feelin this pressure for months Been healin vessels for years Put messages in ya ears Took residence in ya fears But now we switchin the gears Watch how the universe steers Bridge: Water at my altar, I’m sanctified Knees to the ground when I can’t decide Silence in the room This msg got some power I could use Think I found my balance Meditating in my nature I don’t fear no Challenge Sent my stories on a journey Ima world traveler Unfamiliar ground becoming friends today Burn a lil sage to wash the worries away Mother Nature, we thank you (everyday) You amazing, so thankful TRUTH: WAKE UP Can’t send a txt til I hit my spirits 1st Open eyes, hit my line prob why yo feelings hurt (I KNOW) I feel amazing w/ the Most..High Journal writing connecting my soul to the sky My Heaven’s in the next room, ancestral, Make the flame dance w/ my offerings, Falling into cautions got me conscious, Mind & body extended, those symptoms That left me tarnished, a target Double gratitude Dis pattern ain’t no Madden move Jus X & O’s What u kno is how u grow Took a toll & paid my dues, now the flights is frequent We took some shows & stacked the dough, now that’s GR8Thinkin What u dreamin? It can all be realized In those tough times Keep yo head high Affirmations daily in my dirty mirror Speak em loud enough it make the world clear
TRUTH: Calling, calling, calling (2x) Where u at, where u be, We been waiting, set us free (2x) Listen to your soul (2x) Know the Sun would be proud of us Know the Moon would crack a smile at us Like a fantasy we made true They lied, Heaven lives inside you Klevah: Follow me follow me everywhere you go Follow me follow me everywhere you go Don’t lose this space I want you here Illogical You need to know You got da power Don’t feeds the doubts Invincible Just free ya soul Please don’t wait too long Please don’t wait too long
Klevah: We outside Mouths wide Open eyes So surprised Bonafide Holy lives Hold me God I realized I’m alive! Goldie locs Ninja Knox Mos, Rok, Mom & Pop Got a sista thinkin out the box Speeches speakin through the aux Raising octaves, but we still obnoxious Master of my monsters Passionate and honest Dripped down to the garments Crystals on me Garnet, Lapiz, Obsidian My armor Prettier than karma Do it for my mama Do it for her mama Keep her calm, need some commas Less comments, more comets, uncommon The way we coming On barz, blunts and bonnets You ain’t never seen her spit it this astonishing Got you anticipating my homonyms Hoes here to cultivate the garden Pls don’t bother them Hook: Plenty weeds Planted seed after seed Since we started this Now we giant like Sequoia Trees Breathe, this energy Tune into ya nature, it’s a nation of us Plenty weeds Planted seed after seed Since we started this Now we giant like Sequoia Trees Breathe, this energy Tune into ya nature, we a nation TRUTH: Don’t praise the talent Jus seek to balance No old attachments GR8Thinka family We took the challenge Hammy-downs we reformed Colossal how we congregate Blessingz come like andele Saving plates for rainy days My saving Grace a sacred place I visit once or twice a day, Inside a maze w/ lock & chain My present pain is not the same It’s all in choice Change ya whole course Usta be a horror story Now it’s heaven in my voice Oh boy Plus the collective collectively gifted Exchanging letters for da numbers like a mathematician Fuck asking permission Building past conventional systems Exploding thru glass ceilings W/ intention & wisdom Come get a prescription It’s endless, the way we ascending Don’t beg for attention That shyt gon leave u lost in the mentions outta my mind & into my soul Recalibrate the stagnate & watch da power take hold, I kno Villanized since knee-high Swimming on the deep side Spirit gon save u, don’t drown from a fool’s pride Long lies told, so wat u play on yo stereo? Sonics stay boomin, my God come in every flow Break bread, take care, listen when yo mirror speak Naked, face it, freedom ain’t that hard to reach We here, hit a new tier Opened my 3rd sight & every fear disappeared, hoping u see it Hook: Plenty weeds Planted seed after seed Since we started this Now we giant like Sequoia Trees Breathe, this energy Tune into ya nature, it’s a nation of us Plenty weeds Planted seed after seed Since we started this Now we giant like Sequoia Trees Breathe, this energy Tune into ya nature, we a nation


Nature’s World is a space that gives precedence to the natural. A mindset that remembers our true abundance lies within Mother Earth, so we must care for her as she provides for us. Together MN + Renzell take their listeners on a sonic journey of Nature’s World. Providing context on the power we carry, the infinite resources we possess and the energy needed to work alongside the divine.


released June 10, 2022

all tracks produced by Renzell


all rights reserved



Mother Nature Chicago, Illinois

Mother Nature is the irresistible force of Klevah and TRUTH—emcees devoted to building a legacy founded on defiance and self- discovery.
The Chicago-based duo is the answer for listeners seeking both substance and simplicity. As educators, they have mastered the ability to deliver weighty content through uplifting BARZ that pierce the conscience.
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